Fotofun Studio

Fotofun Studio

FotoFun Studio is a fully featured professional photo studio setup at your location. With all the lights, cameras and photographer, you will truly feel like you are about to be put on the cover of Vanity Fair, Vogue or Sports Illustrated.

What you can expect when booking a FotoFun Studio:

  • 1 – 20 people in each session
  • Prop kit - Over 100 options for guests
  • Red carpet
  • Unlimited sessions with each guest to receive a 6x4 photo and one for your album
  • Outstanding professional quality images
  • Great diversity in images taken at event
  • Personalised keepsake album
  • Customisable logos and messages can be placed anywhere on photos     
  • Your images on USB at the end of the event
  • Installation and delivery  
  • Two FotoFun Times crew members present for the duration of hire
  • Two external display monitors for guests to view

Additional extras:

    • Customised magnetic strips                    $20 per hour